Board of Directors
Each park in the Westwind Community are run by their own Board of Directors and Park Manager.  For any questions or concerns please contact the appropriate Park Office. 
Westwind I Board of Directors
The Westwind I Board consists of 9 Directors.  Directors are elected to 2 year terms at the annual meeting in February. Meetings are held in the clubhouse the fourth Wednesday of the month at 10AM from September to May. Only share holders may attend the meetings.  Serving on the Westwind I Board are:
Daniel Mann, President
John Schoen, Vice President
Mike Potochniak, Treasurer; Second Vice-President
Helen Collins, Secretary
Marci Agnor, Assistant Secretary
Directors: Mimi Huffman, Tina Keiser, Bill Polizzotto, and Bob Serfass
Westwind I Park Manager
Joseph Cvach,LCAM serves as the Westwind I Park Manager and Head of Maintenance. Associa is our park management company.  If you wish to reach Joe, the best time is during his afternoon office hours which are Noon - 4PM.